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The Timeline

The Beginning

There exists a species called The Creators on a different plane of existence. A Creator named Oyen set up a “project” to create the reality that we know, with the desire to create its own story. Multiple Creators came to join in on this “project” and collaborated with one another, the most notably would be Eeridi, Gostiel, Ofae, ???, and Skire (Entity). As The Creators came together to assist with the “project”, Oyen decided to host a competition for all The Creators in the collaboration to see who's creation would be able to outlive that of their Creator.

For a while, The Creators decided to approach the competition by making Titans. These were the first living creations beyond laws of reality, and were considered super giant creatures that were merely put on this planet to potentially reign and bring status to their creator. Most Creators believed that they would achieve greatness by making the most powerful and threatening creation, and sought a sense of pure, overpowering, strength. It was not until a later point that Creators started to realize the potential benefits of smaller and more intelligent creatures. The creatures that were able to adapt and evolve over time were seen as superior to creatures who simply lived in an all-powerful state. This is where the more sentient creatures began to exist, and influence the ideas of other Creators future creations.

As time continued on, these creatures started to gain major advancements in both their lifestyles and intelligence.

The Creation of Humans

Some time after the beginning developments of the sentient creatures, the Creator Gostiel made Humans. These Humans did not rely on magic or power, but rather that of their intellect. They had an innate ability to take in and house magic without expending it again.

The Creator Oyen ceased anymore collaborative work from other Creators after this point. They feared that with the ability that Humans have, that they would destroy other Creators and unfairly make an end to this “story” without allowing Creators to have their full potential realized. Oyen then punished Gostiel, but allowed their creation to continue to exist. Gostiel's creation was still allowed to exist because they did fairly create, and it did trump other creations in this existence. They feared for the potential of other Creators that may try to overcome Gostiel's creation may lose their life instead. Gostiel was not allowed to become part of the land in hopes that it would hinder the influence that Gostiel would get from their creation once the “story” was over.

The Decline of Magic

After collaborations were put to a halt and new creations were no longer being made, creations were allowed to grow and change on their own. This went on rather well for many years, including that of Humans existing alongside magical creatures. It was not until Humans grew in large numbers and magical creatures started to decline in numbers because of magic slowly being taken from the land by Humans passive ability. Worry started to spark among the moon, or Creator, Ofae. Ofae noticed that the loss of Creator's lives due to their magic being consumed and not returned, decided to make a refuge for magical creatures by splitting its body and showering the planet with meteors. There was a focused attempt to separate a body of land and make a new landmass filled with Ofae's magic. This landmass would come to be known as Skire (Landmass), and give rise to a new Creator by the same name.

The Creation of Skire

Skire was born because of the separation of the landmass on Eeridi and Ofae's power. Upon Skire (Entity)'s creation, it was considered a less powerful Creator than the other Creators. It was created in a reverse fashion than other Creators - where Skire (Entity) got their body first and did not make a creation until later, most Creators made a creation and became the land afterwards. Skire (Entity) did not create anything for a good while - they only created a rule after some time of existence, and realizing a potential threat that existed on it.

After Skire (Entity)'s creation, Humans weren't able to find Skire (Landmass) for a while. A lot of magical creatures kept a magical veil around Skire (Landmass) to protect themselves as well as the land that they had taken refuge in. Once Skire (Landmass) was found by Humans nearly 300 years after its creation, Humans started to occupy Skire (Landmass), and there was peace between Humans and magical creatures. Technology had advanced very far beyond what was previously thought possible and so had magic, and for a period of time, they combined their abilities to create a new technology. Both magical creatures and Humans created Magitech, and worked harmoniously to advance their knowledge of magic and technology.

It wasn't until a large number of Humans began to live on Skire (Landmass) that a noticeable dip in magical power of the land was felt. This began to create a stir among the magical creatures and worried them immensely. Once the dip was felt, there began to be conflict about where and how Humans should live on Skire (Landmass). This conflict made tension between the creatures and humans and Skire (Entity) finally made their own creation.

The Creation of Wormlings

Skire, although being a creation as well as a Creator, had enough power from Ofae to create a law of magic. This law was known to be a unique magic born of Skire (Entity) itself. This magic would lay dormant in anything that absorbed it and did not use it, and if a large enough magic built up in an entity that did not use this magic but absorbed it, upon death the magic would expel and create a new magic. Because of Skire (Entity) being a half Creator, their magic went a little awry and Wormlings formed from that once expelled magic.

Wormlings were created with the intention that Skire (Entity) had when it made its magic. Wormlings carried out that intention, and that intention was to give magic back to Skire (Landmass) and keep Skire (Landmass) safe. Although this was unintentional, Skire (Entity) welcomed its creation and, despite growing weak, watched over them with curious eyes. The Wormlings, much like all creations that are made, grew on their own, past their Creators original design.

Hell Lickers and The War

This spawned the time of Hell Lickers, and were the direct result of the Wormlings trying to give magic back by noticing that Humans only took in magic. They took Human hosts in an attempt to remake their “process” to be able to expel magic again. While this succeeded, to an extent, it created animosity between Humans and magical creatures.

Magical creatures saw the Wormlings/Hell Lickers as an omen from Skire (Entity) itself, and believed that this was a calling to take action to defend Skire (Landmass). Humans saw this as a direct and intentional attack, and sought to defend themselves. War broke out - the only one that has ever existed on Skire (Landmass). During this war, the deceased Humans spawned more Wormlings, and those Wormlings, needing more hosts to take, started to take corpses of different creatures and more of Humans. This created an effect that started to change their overall appearance as a species. Once magical creatures realized that Wormlings were able and starting to take more hosts than just Humans, they started to believe that this “omen” was more than just an “omen”. There had been a lot of fighting that went on in the 3-4 years as this war raged, and eventually it came to an end with the decision of a Truce.

The Truce

Wormlings, taking their new hosts, were no longer just known as Hell Lickers. In fact, most Hell Lickers had been killed during the course of the war. With Wormlings taking a new form for their hosts, they had a larger sense of self and sought to expand on that. Magical creatures and Humans decided that because, what was now known as CCCats or Crooks, were able to commune with them more properly to form this Truce, making it so that Wormlings could not take anymore living or dead Human hosts. Humans would in turn only occupy a certain portion of Skire (Landmass) en masse. Humans grew their city of Uto, and magical creatures as well as the Wormlings, kept their side of The Truce.

The Guardians and The Banishment

After the completion of The Truce, Skire (Entity) decided to appoint two Wormlings into guardian positions to keep watch over its new creation. Once they were appointed, Skire (Entity) then fused itself entirely to be the magic on its land.

The two guardians, The One Who Saw Everything and The One Who Saw Nothing took the forms of CCCats and had power to influence the creation of CCCats and a little bit of Wormlings. When they realized that Crooks were not something that they had dominion over, they banished Crooks via making a CCCat with space magic, Faceless Guide, to banish known or found Crooks to an alternate world/dimension. The Banishment lasted for over 200 years, until the Crooks known as Myir and Halik found their way out. Once they were out, Myir and Halik gathered many other creatures and even some Humans to help destroy technology and plans that were going to harm Skire (Landmass)'s life force/magic.

Myir went to Ofae using the Halo's Pierce in order to bring back a chunk of Ofae and plant it back into the core of the city of Uto. Humans then scattered themselves around Skire (Landmass) and many more magical creatures started to take residence in Uto, feeling that magic was now existing there and more sustainable. This state of newfound co-existence has continued for roughly 3 years.

The Return of Gravents and Nautipods

In about the third year after the return of Crooks and their time spent re-adjusting to the world outside of the banishment realm, in the year 5733, Meteor Lake began to rustle with what seemed to be new life. A new species called Nautipods began to emerge from the depths to begin wandering out into the world of Skire (Landmass), lead by a particular Nautipod named Grimace. He explained that they were emerging in response to a piece of their creator, Ofae, being within the city of Uto.

The news of these new arrivals traveled fast as Gravents covered the story, mainly headed by a bubbly Gravent named Scoop. With the Gravent's help of getting the word out and flying across all of Skire (Landmass) to spread the news, word quickly began to spread about Nautipods and their connections to the moon Ofae, and the Creator's history with Skire (Landmass).

In response to the Nautipods and their lessons in history with Ofae and Skire (Landmass), the Crook Myir was able to get in connection with the god The One Who Saw Nothing, upon which he delivered some more history of Skire (Entity) and a message from Ofae that was to be passed along to Skire (Entity)'s creations.

The gods, however, get in an argument not long after Myir's visit - as Nothing reveals that The One Who Saw Everything had taken their eye to keep them from becoming their true form - a Crook. Everything revealed that Nothing was supposed to be a Crook from the first day they were appointed by Skire (Entity).

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