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The Creators

How They Be Do

A Creator is a sentient being that exists on a different plane of existence than what the world of Eeridi resides in. They are their own species that has the ability to create realities and laws within those realities that creators called “stories”. The story that Eeridi and Skire (Landmass) take place in is one built primarily by the creator Oyen. There have been other stories and other Creators that have made large works, much like Oyen's, but for the purpose of this Closed Species (CCCats, Crooks, etc.) we'll only focus on the collaborative efforts of the Creators that worked with Oyen.

Creators, when making a story, will always have a lead “author” and two other primary collaborators who will set the foundation for the reality, the main world, and time. Other Creators who work on this story are usually able to pick what role they play or what creation they will contribute more freely. For every known law of reality or existence there is an individual Creator known to be partnered, or responsible, for that existing in that reality. While the Creators make something specific, it is intended that their creation will evolve and turn into something entirely new over time.

The Creators intention when collaborating on any story, is to have their creation outlive the end of time that is set in place once the Creator of time has made the law. The reason being, Creators will obtain reputation for what they do, allowing them to play a bigger role in future stories that they help work on. It's entirely possible for a creation to wind up making a new Creator.

Relation to their Creations

When Creators make a law or entity or fact of this reality, they will usually distribute themselves into the reality as the magic that will make this law true or give this creation life. Doing so is allowing them to become vulnerable, although not entirely mortal. A Creator is never, at any point, a mortal being, even if they exist on this plane, as they are more woven into the defining characteristics of what makes this story. This allows them to take part in the story as well as assist their creations in their existence. Very often the Creators magic will work as a life force to help supply their creations with power to flourish. There's a rare exception where some Creators are the life force of their creations entirely. Currently, the only known Creator to be like this is Skire (Entity).

Creators are very particular about their presence in their creations lives. It's very rare, and almost unheard of, that a Creator will actually influence their creations past their initial creation. Most find it more interesting and important to let their creations grow and change and find it more appealing to just spectate. Most of the time, Creators don't even have the power after they have created something to influence their creations afterwards anyway. For this reason, many Creators are assumed to have succumb to the loss of their life force from the power Humans hold within them.

Known Creators

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