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Welcome to the Skire Wiki, a hub of information about the species and world of Skire created by WellHidden/KidKudos. This wiki serves as a hold for a variety of information regarding the world, species, lore, and other items pertaining to Skire.

Skire (Landmass) is a world full of magic and wonder, and is encompassed by more than just the land of Skire (Landmass) itself. This world is full of mystery and wonder and is built alongside the community involved with it. Skire (Landmass) itself is just a landmass on a larger planet named Eeridi, and is full of all kinds of magical creatures and humans with their own complex lore, history, environment, and universe. The first species that was developed by Skire (Entity) was CCCats, then it was followed by the species of Crooks. Though these two species were created by Skire (Entity), there are several types of species like Gravents and Nautipods who populate Skire (Landmass).

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