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Nautipods have two forms - a Pod Form and a Humanoid Form. While in their pod form are small nautilus-like creatures with decorative shells, face-like helms, and an internal tentacle-like body sticking out. Their humanoid forms strike a similarity to Humans, but their heads are shell-like with helms matching their shells and their bodies can resemble that of robotic-looking armor plating and build. They have their tentacles show on parts of their body while as humanoid.

Nautipods have been around since before Skire (Entity)’s existence while they existed on the moon known as Ofae, arguably one of the first creations to have been given sentience of a humanoid level. Nautipods such as Grimace will remark that Gostiel stole the idea of Humans from their Humanoid forms that Ofae gave them. They have only existed on Skire (Landmass)/within Skire (Landmass) for around 300 years.


A Nautipods blood and innards tend to reflect their magic’s dominant coloration, though their blood can sometimes become the exact opposite of that color on a color wheel when exposed to the natural air around them. This is assumed oxidation, and different components within the individual’s blood, though the color differs from every Nautipod to Nautipod.Nautipod Joint Patches

A Nautipod can breathe entirely underwater or on land, and there is no issue with them being able to take in air or water as a source of circulation. Water pressure does not deter them or hinder them in any way. They can also survive without oxygen in pod form, but in their humanoid form they need to breathe either oxygen or water.

Nautipods can get tattoos and piercings, but they struggle to pierce their shells and usually have to have specific members of their own kind help them with it via carving holes into it and putting caps around the holes to make sure they don’t heal or crack.


Nautipods are the same general heights as normal people while in humanoid form, but when they take a pod form they tend to be smaller, the largest size often averaging that of an adult human’s torso.

Nautipods by no means have the flexibility the other Skire (Landmass) species do, not counting their tentacles. Their tentacles are able to flex and contort freely and bizarrely, but their bodies and shells are firm and, in humanoid form, armored. Their movement is similar to that of an average person while they are humanoid.

Unlike CCCats, Nautipod eye colors can differ in color as long as it is a solid color. Multiple colors often result in a patterned eye, and their tongue color can also be any color as if it is solid.


Nautipods naturally have tentacles on their pod and humanoid forms, and require them.


Nautipods have a few forms in which they can shift to, however their pod form and humanoid form are the most commonly seen as they are the main forms for the species. Nautipods however do have the ability to shift into a true Human form, as well as a merform in which their tentacles act as the mer-half of the bodyNautipod's Merform. A Nautipod with a fishy shell also has the ability to have their lower half appear in the shape of their fishy shell. In a Nautipod's true Human form they retain their soft skin patches on the joints and neck, as well as their eyes and beaky teeth.

Nautipods don’t shapeshift in the same way Crooks or CCCats may shift, however. They only have a humanoid, pod, human, and merpod form. When they transform into their humanoid form, they will curl back into their shells and then grow and morph with magic into their humanoid form.

Nautipods are also able to change their gender. Much like CCCats and Crooks, Nautipods are naturally genderless and can adapt their bodies with magic form shifting to take in humanoid types of gender presentations.


Nautipods can learn magic, however they do not suffer magic defects.



Swimming is something that Nautipods know naturally. Walking as a humanoid is actually more of a struggle to them if they are new to their humanoid forms.


Nautipods have to eat, and they usually eat fish or aquatic-life/vegetation. They don't need to eat too frequently (usually once every 3 days is fine for them) and their digestive system usually brings food directly into their magical core/heart as energy.

Nautipods can get drunk or high, but it is difficult for them to do so. They are very good about handling poisons and toxins within their body similar to CCCats and Crooks, but not as harshly.


Nautipods don’t usually eat larger quantities of food let alone foods such as meats beyond fish. Cannibalism is incredibly unlikely for them, and if they were to partake in it they would likely not find much wrong against it as hunting in the waters is seen as every-man-for-themselves very often. On land they usually won’t ever do this though, and frown upon it. No sickness or ailment is obtained from partaking in cannibalism, however.


Nautipods are easily harmed/killed in comparison to CCCats and Crooks. They are able to do well against pressures of the ocean and meteor lake as well as poisons and acids, but they struggle with things like fire or general harm from physical injury. They’re able to reform if they get close to an Ofae fragment, but if they stray from it their general ability to reform serious injuries struggles.

Nautipods are very efficient at growing back their limbs or healing injury aside from injuries on their shells. Their shells are harder for them to heal.

When a Nautipod dies, they will slowly begin to decay. Occasionally some will leave behind their shells which will slowly wear away if left under water and get damaged from current or general erosion, or dry out and become dull in color if left above water in dry air.


Nautipods are formed when pearls or crystals fall close to Ofae’s chunk within the Meteor Lake abyss and take in Ofae’s magic. The pearls/crystals turn into a living heart for the Nautipod after taking in the magic, and form material around it for their shell.



Nautipods only speak in human form and speak in a common tongue as well as use the commonly known Skire (Landmass)-wide sign language, but they do have a form of writing unique to them and this often involves colors as they often used to speak in simple manners with items of specific.

When it comes to the manner of titles within Nautipods, the species usually refer to a physically appearing trait about their harder shells when a Nautipod doesn’t know them well. Many Nautipods do not have long-lasting relations when they are down in the depths, so they are familiar with quick titles that may not mean anything. For example, “Oh, hello there shiny-shelled!” / “Yes, I met with whimsy-helmed over there.” For Nautipods, these quick nickname-like descriptors are usually a quick way of acknowledging you are witnessing them and are assumed to be uniquely granted titles.

Those who garner reputations will seek to spread a title they have obtained and particularly like around and keep it for themselves, attempting to have it be used by many when they are referring to this Nautipod long-term or upon traveling. Creatures close to them usually do not need to use the title as it is just a title and lacking their name, and names are usually the switched preference when a Nautipod has made friends or is close to the one with a self-proclaimed title. However, those who are not close and learn of the name and wish to be honorific about it, will say something like “Grim, the Sharp-Toothed!”.

Nautipods are very unfamiliar with really any of the other Skire (Landmass) species. Despite living on Skire (Landmass) since its origin, they remained often in the absolute abyss of Meteor Lake and only heard about it through Ofae’s magic. Most of what they know they have learned through Ofae within Uto and with its recent magic and translated its findings to the Nautipods.

They cannot be a part of CCCat Hives as they cannot communicate telepathically, but they can be a part of Protections in companionship.

Gods and Creators

Ofae originally made Nautipods as their creation to give Eeridi a “goal” - Ofae was and has always been fond of Eeridi and with Eeridi creating the planet, Ofae wanted to hope that one day its own moon would be reached by members on Eeridi. Nautipods were going to be a species that was welcoming and offering to give a new form of resource and magic to the members of Eeridi, but that was all until Gostiel made Humans. Once this happened, Ofae had to sacrifice itself and its species to be of aid to those on Eeridi by creating Skire (Entity) and embedding a piece of itself into the land along with its creation to be there to protect and guide the piece into delivering magic back.

Nautipods have their Creator Ofae like other creations on Skire (Landmass) and Eeridi, but it is unknown if they have guardian figures like the CCCat gods.

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