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Skire (Landmass) is full of locations to be explored. Below is a list of some major cities and locations.

Technical Locations

Within these cities and areas, technology is abundant. There are plenty of locations where resources and information regarding technological advances and items in general can be found.

Uto The city split into three levels that overall has incredibly advanced means of technology, and each level of Uto specializes in unique types of tech.

Wastelands The Wastelands are ruined cities and other strange structures, acidic and radioactive materials seem to naturally be produced here.

Glass Desert The Glass Desert is a desert with sand made up of spectacular shiny shards of eroded meteor.

Magical Locations

Within these cities and areas, magic is everywhere. The land and areas are rich in powerful magic, and within these locations knowledge and items are all uniquely magically focused.

Kite Carcass Kite Carcass is a very popular island that is embedded entirely into the boney remains of a Titan that existed centuries ago.

Wandering Forest The Wandering Forest is known to be a myth, yet many people have likely walked through it without ever realizing.

Undercliffs These are a bizarre structure of circular plated stalactite rocks that exist underneath the plated mountain on the backside of the Meteor Lake.

The Frostlands An entirely snowy region most known for its incredibly large taiga and mountain range that leads into the ocean with glaciers and strange frozen glacial caverns.

Mixed Locations

Within these cities and areas, the use of technology and magical items works together in tandem and harmony. They are not particularly advanced in either, but have plenty of knowledge and information regarding both sides.

Stonewing The city of Stonewing has both inner and outer locations. Stonewing is almost entirely inhabited by only magical creatures, and has a very small Human population.

Battlegrounds This place used to be scarred heavily with remains and tools used for combat, but now has had fresh flora and fauna come to call this place home.

Meteor Lake A massive expanse of lake that is surrounded by jagged and sharp mountains that all aim away from it due to the impact of a meteor that struct itself into the ground to create the lake. Or, so they say.

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