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Favoriting System

The Skire Favoriting System is made to allow Skire CCClub Users to favorite designs/characters on the Skire Masterlist.

How to Favorite

You can favorite a character by visiting their Skire Masterlist Detailed page. On this page, you may see a small heart icon near the character identifier.Character Favorite Example

  • If this icon is a grey color, then you have not favorited this character.
  • If this icon is a pink color, then you have favorited this character.
  • If this icon is not visible, then the character is set to not allow favoriting.

How to view Favorites

To view your own favorites, visit your CCClub Account and click the familiar Skire Favoriting System icon to be redirected to your personal list.Character Favorite Example

To view others User's favorites, their CCClub Account must not be set to private. If their CCClub Account is not private, then you can visit their account page and click the Skire Favoriting System icon to view their favorites list.

Locked Characters

Locked Characters can not be favorited. When a character becomes locked, all favorites of it are removed from all Users' favorites lists.

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