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CCCats are a parasitic species of magical creatures. They start out as a creature called a Wormling, which they use to travel in search of a host. Their hosts are dead animals, (very rarely living animals or people), that inhabit their world, and after the takeover of a host, they start a life of their own.

CCCats are a species created by Skire (Entity) to try and help recycle magic, since Skire (Entity) understood that its magic was on a limited resource once Humans arrived on Skire (Landmass). They are created from unused magic that gets stored and then becomes an entity, turning into essence for the CCCat and using the body it takes. They can then take magic and filter it back into its pure, split form rather than combined or “used” forms. A CCCat’s Wormling can take the “dead” magic that Humans create and untangle it back into its true and pure forms to give it back to the planet. This is a large reason in why they can get Magic Defects - CCCats are heavily impacted by the magic that they handle and pass through themselves.

CCCats have been around since the end of The War about 150 to 200 years ago. CCCats are considered ‘war-age’ old, but have no actual aging. Though CCCat’s can’t have their own personal recollections of the war, they may have memories passed along from the Hivemind that can recall the war. CCCats however will live forever if undisturbed by other creatures - or natural elements. There is no generally ‘average’ lifespan, as it varies because of multiple factors.


A CCCat will always begin as a Wormling - and though they can grow and change reproductive organs at will, CCCats do not physically reproduce.

When a CCCat takes their forever host, their bodies get changed genetically - albeit, it’s a really poor change made purely for encasing their eye and so the “health” or life of the body isn’t taken into account. It’s more of, “What will be a good shield and vehicle for me?”, with colors and appearances set up to personify them a bit more as that became something much more of their focus as time went on.

CCCats don’t “revive” their host - they revive the parts they need which are powered by their external brain and connection to the crowns or “tongue”/original Wormling body. That is why they tend to lose a lot of internal organs and don’t need to breathe. Their circulatory system is run passively without the use of actual lungs to keep oxygen flowing through them, and they live more on the life of the land and have a sort of magical ebb and flow to their own life source. It’s much more of a magic-based transformation on them, but genetics have to be involved when referring to muscle, nerve, bone, blood, etc. for them. They rewrite their host to be more personalized for themselves but usually stick to a base “blueprint” that is the basic form of all CCCats. A CCCat can either be warm or cold-blooded - it normally depends on their magic and the choice of themselves.

CCCats have a small variety of heights and can have one main size of Cat, Dog, Big Dog, Pony and Beast, and beyond their main size they can size up or down one from that main size. Chibi and Monster sizes are unique to only myth-traited CCCats.

CCCat Anthro Height Chart CCCat Feral Height Chart

CCCats can completely dislocate their bones, and stretch/tear their muscle structure to create bends not normally possible or seemingly impossible. This can however cause pain if done without at least a bit of previous experience or pushing oneself too far. Due to not often having many organs, they don’t worry about the placement of their internals. CCCats can also stick to walls, and crawl around on ceilings. A CCCat can cry, though depending on the mode (Cyclops or Mouth) it will result in different tears, though it is like drool. They can also blush, though the location of their blush can vary. They tend to blush in the usual areas, such as the face and ears, but they can also blush on their chest and shoulders very subtly.

Body temperature varies from CCCat to CCCat - they have a mid body temperature that fluctuates similar to a reptile because of outside sources, however they don’t sink to a freezing cold touch or such, unless magic is a factor. They don’t really need warm temperatures, but due to most obtaining a mammal-like growth upon getting their host they prefer warm areas in terms of comfort since their bodies will remember that sort of action. Some however may find comfort in cold or snowy temperatures however - each CCCat varies on its preferences.

CCCat fur feels different depending on the CCCat, although it is generally pretty soft similar to how domesticated cats would feel. However unlike a domesticated cat, CCCat claws won't retract in any way, as their hands don’t function like a cat’s - they grow out of them similar to that of a bird’s talon.

Normally, a CCCat will keep little to none of their host’s innards. The most likely organ to be kept are the lungs, because even if they don’t breathe they still can work if they decide to use them. Though breathing won’t come to a CCCat naturally as it would to a Human. CCCat's InternalsThey may also keep a ‘pseudo-heart’, which is usually just the remains of one that will messily beat out of rhythm. They most often will lose things like bladders, brains, intestines, and etc. Even if they end up keeping a stomach, they don’t digest like normal, and anything absorbed will be decomposed into magic. They also don’t need to sleep, though they can indulge in it if they want. Otherwise, they meditate to regenerate magic if it’s necessary.

It is not impossible for a CCCat to become deaf/hearing impaired from an injury they can’t heal, or even grab its host and find itself deaf/hearing impaired. That being said, they wouldn’t be deaf from other CCCats speaking to them telepathically or speaking to others telepathically. They’d only be externally deaf.

When it comes to smelling, a CCCat has scent glands in the roof of their mouth much like that of a normal cat. They can also sneeze, but it wouldn’t be for a normal human reason for sneezing. For them to sneeze, they would need to be near something that is too strong of a scent they suddenly get wind of and they just… error. It’d differ for each individual since every CCCat reacts differently to different scents.

CCCats can sweat if they desire, and if they do, it would be done through their paw pads/palms (if they are exposed rather than furred), or just try and regulate body temperature a different way.

CCCats don’t have genetics and they themselves determine how they wish to look when they first grab their forever host. Their appearance is very important to them in terms of “this was something that truly inspired me/influenced me” and they don’t take that for granted. Appearances can also be determined by how much magic a Wormling had to give and take when earning a host too.

Every CCCat is different, of course, and some may not always love how they appear, but growing envious over aspects of other CCCats simply because of its rarity is not something CCCats often deal with. It’s more in the mentality of, “Man, I wish I had thought of that! Horns would look beautiful with this coat color!”


A CCCat’s eye can not be damaged beyond that of a God’s force or power, and so pain is not something that an eye can feel. However, if a God does do something to it, they can feel effects that are most fitting to a ‘disturbance’-like feeling of pain, but not exactly pain. Though when an eye is damaged, it can cause a CCCat to feel abnormal, or cause some visual disturbances.

When the Gods Everything and Nothing believe that a CCCat should be punished, one of the worst ways to do so would be to crack or curse their Eye. When a CCCat’s eye is cracked, it takes more magic for them to operate. Even with the cracked eye a CCCat will need to circulate magic and create essence, despite them losing a decent amount as they try to circulate. This loss can lead to an early death of a CCCat, because it takes a lot out of them to run through so much magic, and constantly circulating new magic and losing it as life. Though, the lifespan varies from CCCat to CCCat with a cracked eye.

When a CCCat’s eye is cursed, many different things can happen. To curse a CCCat’s eye could be seen as something that harms the individual as well as any who desire to get close to them. Usually cracking an eye is enough punishment, but a cursed eye will truly ostracize a CCCat from their kin and cause difficulty socializing or getting close to any. Usually cursed eyes inflict pain or an intimidating, sickly aura that deters other species, especially CCCats from themselves. It can sometimes be a curse that hinders the individual from being able to comfortably carry or hold their eye without pain and can make surviving difficult as well. To be cursed is an extremely severe punishment.

A CCCat’s eye can not feel any sensations, but they, in a sense, imagine them. The eyes themselves can’t really feel anything, but once they connect to a host they understand connected sensations a lot better and thus perceive their eye being touched or interacted with like any other part of a CCCat’s body. They behave as though they are being interacted with much like it would be if they could actually feel, but only because it has become a social habit and perceived sense they have adapted.

A CCCat can canonically change their eye size, however they are limited to how much they can change it once they find their host. They change them normally to fit the form they are in, (I.E. when in human form they normally shift to the size of a human eye), though it can range from pool-ball sized or to that of a basketball. Though this size can also vary depending on the size of the CCCat as well.

CCCat Magic Vision When a CCCat’s eye is within its pouch, a CCCat can still see through a sort of ‘sensing-sight’. They can feel others around them and can see basic shapes, as well as identify any creatures around them. It can be compared to infrared sight a little bit, though it is done with magic. It can be interpreted differently for the environment or the entity, though it is normally a squiggle weave. The colors/patterns/flow of the magic differs between many things, but specifically for CCCats and Crooks, their magic is very tangled and condensed, and is usually very bright colors that sometimes have traces of other colors within them in smaller bits as an example of them cycling magic around. Distance will differ the visuals in a small manner, usually just making the sharpness of the magic grow blurry or fuzzy. Though the colors aren’t something that can be shown, they do have a larger spectrum of light with magic that is normally unseen.

A CCCat’s eyesight normally is pretty good. They see stereoscopic (in depth) despite their single eye, because the eye doesn’t function like a true eye but it wouldn’t be able to have 3D glasses put on and work for them. Their eyesight itself is a bit better than a human with perfectly intact vision and they have an easy ability to see slight movement in comparison. However, they can still suffer some sight impairments, though complete blindness is only able to be caused by the gods.

A CCCat’s eye functions as its brain - though it is a purely magical object, they still have their individuality and unique personality types that result from it much like a Human brain. They’re not programmed beings or perfect in thought process, and can have disabilities like normal beings because they are - while not what most would consider alive, living beings. Using magic, the eye sends signals to the body that the crown picks up on and translates to the body much like the Human brain with nerves.

The inner eye of a CCCat contains what is called Essence, which can work much like a Human brain’s various chemicals do. It is considered a CCCat’s true life blood, and is pure magic in a raw, untouched form as the eye will collect and build it up from that around it and fuel itself, usually storing it tight and creating a unique mixture only it has. It usually begins creating this upon the death of what creature makes a Wormling. It isn’t exact to Human brain chemistry because it isn’t a muscle nor is it connected to the brain, but it radiates a unique aura that the crown of that CCCat host responds to exclusively.


While Wormlings do not have a sense of taste, once they inhabit a host they do acquire one. Their taste varies - as sometimes they can only taste certain things (such as a CCCat only being able to taste sour foods and no other foods will trigger a taste reaction) but often CCCats do get some sorts of tastes back. It has been known that they switch taste buds often though, so some CCCats who find something sweet may be spicy to another, as their taste buds are sort of awkwardly made once they get their host.

CCCats never understood or knew of taste save for snippets of their hosts’ memory (which they don’t always get) or what they are told/understand what should be on tongues. Most do feel things with their tongues to get a proper understanding of it, as their tongues are sensitive and are naturally their body, so if they are truly investigating something they will often lick it. Texture is more of a thing they analyze over flavors, which is why CCCats can eat just about anything at will.

A CCCat would not die if its tongue was cut off. The tongue is larger than being only in the head, and rather expands down into the body and makes up a vital organ in CCCats. The tongue actually connects and fuses to the spinal cord when first claiming a host, and a good portion will often sit resting in the neck of a CCCat when not in use.


A CCCat’s teeth are extremely strong, and don’t have the same qualities as one would imagine in a normal set of teeth. They cannot decay or rot because of the stronger material that they are made of.

When a CCCat closes its mouth, the teeth on the side will line up with one another and interlock together, but when it comes to the front of the jaw the teeth will usually tilt a tad to have aCCCat Teeth X-Ray slight overbite. It’s not always and of course if they have an underbite it’ll differ, but usually their front top teeth will favor the slightly overbite position and will simply hide the appearance of any gap when the teeth are clenched/closed.

CCCat teeth don’t usually favor Human changes such as incisors, canines, and molars. They usually all take the same shape as their teeth are used to encompass the eye in their mouth rather than to eat/chew. The teeth and smile are also meant to be a threat or display of defense for their eye as well. The only time you would see defined canines is with fangs, saber, or tusk traits, but even then the human-positioned canine teeth aren’t always where fangs, tusks, or sabers show up.


A CCCat’s crown is its connection with not only its host but also that of the Hivemind. When a CCCat has lower amounts of crown spikes, usually lower than three, their communication with the Hivemind and other CCCats is difficult and normally can’t reach very far. The crowns make it so that their Hive ‘voice’ is quieter or comes in with a bit of a fuzziness/static feel to it if they are trying to communicate with more than one other at a time.

Their crowns can not retract. Crowns are also rather durable - they can be tugged on a bit, but will heal if damaged. They can even grow back if snapped off or plucked out, however crowns do not regrow fast. It could take an immensely long time to regrow and reform that connection, which is why its considered a form of torture to constantly work on taking them out. There are rare instances they do not regrow either because the area around them was damaged, or the crown was cut down and will not regrow its length. However, the same issues arise with a worse connection - it’d turn to dust much like the CCCat bodies and eyes do over time.

If a CCCat somehow formed without a crown or the crown’s were entirely removed, the CCCat would be immobile and could potentially die due to not being able to contain their eye safely or stop anyone from taking it.

Unique Traits

Sometimes when a CCCat is created, there are some traits that are given via different means such as through the Gods Everything and Nothing. These traits are considered ‘Touched’ since they are given by the Gods, and many have different ways of how they come about.

A Two-Formed CCCat is normally created because its memory was tapped into; finding something they may not have fully remembered as a Wormling. The Wormling then may have taken more memories after they formed, or a memory/idea granted them not only a boost of magic but the ability to swap between the forms as they would others. There’s rare times a CCCat can tap into those memories on its own, but often without the boost of magic to unlock the form, they can’t take it on their own.

The second form is normally a reiteration of their first form. Usually an expression of finding more about themselves when a God takes action, or a completely new and different looking form, when a different memory was tapped into or a new idea was planted for them. These secondary forms can potentially cause behavioral changes to the CCCat in this other form, however the CCCat is always the same, just expressing themselves differently.

Sometimes the Gods will give the boost of power to a CCCat they think will have potential to be greater in a different form, since the gods are known for having a tendency to favor those they see potential to use for themselves.

Though Crooks and CCCats both form from Wormlings, a CCCat is less likely to grab traits from their hosts as they follow a stricter blueprint due to their connection to the Hivemind as a Wormling/when they’re forming, so a trait like Pacifist Paws would be a mythical trait as it is an anomaly for a CCCat to have.


CCCats are able to shapeshift into different forms, most notably being their Human form. It is done in a rather quick morphing sequence to their desired form, and their sizes normally correlate to their respective size as a CCCat, though when it comes to their Human forms, they tend to stick to “normal” human sizes.

When a CCCat is in their Human form, they keep their eye color and somewhat of their design, as well as their teeth style. Even in their Human form, they can only have one eye - the other an empty socket. Or, they can have two empty eye sockets and their CCCat Human Sketcheseye around them as they would in their feral or anthro form. If a CCCat has scars or any wounds, they will transfer over as well. Any trait a CCCat has can show up in Human form, but doesnt need to. It’s not a permanent fixture on their Human forms because their Human forms follow a generic blueprint they play around with to get those in-between forms. Their human form can also last as long or as short as the CCCat wants, and has no set ‘length’ on their time in their Human form.

If a CCCat has never seen or interacted with humans before, the human form can be a little ‘off’ from what a normal human would look like. Though due to the hivemind, a good idea of what humans appear as is given even if the CCCat has never met them.

A CCCat can also take a halfling, centaur, or sphinx form.CCCat Form Sketches Shapeshifters outside of the CCCat species can not take a CCCat form, for the reason that a CCCat can sense when there is a faulty CCCat and become immediately hostile. Being a parasitic species who also dealt with the war, the mimicry of CCCat from other creatures/species is seen as hostile no matter what, invokes a vicious fear of “uncanny valley” in a way in which they can almost become uncontrollably hostile without meaning to.

Along with their ability to shapeshift into other forms, a CCCat can change its gender at will. A CCCat start and by default are genderless, however they can alter their body in Human-like anatomical ways for however they wish to present. This can be anything from anatomical structure (such as larger hips or broader shoulders) to genitalia if they so choose. They are able to change this at any time to match their desired presentation and they can mix and match in order to best suit their own desired presentation. This is due to their Human history that allows them to reform their bodies in human-like ways. CCCats are much like Humans when it comes to finding out about themselves as they exist.


CCCats are circulators of magic on Skire (Landmass); meaning they subconsciously take magic in from around them and exert a different kind - but also “cleaning it out” in a way, much like how trees take in Carbon Dioxide and than produce Oxygen. They do this naturally and without any other function than simply existing. They don't need to eat in order to do this, however they can do it in a raw sense of destroying very magical items and creating the raw magic either through spells or just naturally giving it off as an invisible aura.

CCCats don’t need to consume magic to use magic - they don’t need to really consume anything. But they can consume items of vast types to recycle their magical properties back into their pure forms by consuming it and breaking it down to the magical energy level. CCCats can consume things that have stale/unusable magic and convert them back into pure and singular formed magic, and that’s the reason why they normally do it.


Though a CCCat does not have the same essential needs as other species, they are not entirely invincible. Only a small handful of methods have been noted as irreversibly fatal to CCCats: Acid (That melts Skin/Metal), Severe Fire (That melts their bodies), Severing the Body (Only at Specific Points), Eye-Swapping, the God’s Wrath, or the removal of the eye from the body either too far or for too long. Otherwise, they are highly resistant to most radiations and poisons, though it can slow them down in large quantities.

CCCats can be temporarily killed or heavily stalled by doing certain actions to them/their host that requires them a lot of time to heal, but leaving them on the brink of death to just barely heal and then wounding them again is not exactly any CCCat's ideal way of handling an issue. Most of the time it's the “leave or be killed” mentality between CCCats, though when it comes to a CCCat killing other species their morals aren't too strong.

While Gods are the only way a CCCat's eye can be cracked or permanently destroyed, anything with enough understanding from the war time could know how to permanently kill a CCCat. Even if they don't know, many know now that taking the eye a distance away from the host will do the job.


When a CCCat moves, they tend to have a sort of ‘bumbling’ walk because of their torsos and their arms. Their front legs tend to be bow-legged, since the elbows point outwards instead of inwards. When they first find their forever host bodies, they do have to learn how to walk. It comes pretty quickly to the Wormling thanks to the Hivemind, however it is still a sight to see.

CCCats are rather terrible swimmers, and need to learn how to swim. However, most CCCats will not swim with their eye out and instead swallow it to ensure its safety if crossing water - this is because Wormlings have a tendency to have their eyes sink while their Wormling body often floats. This often causes a fear of large/deep bodies of water for most CCCats as they understand their Wormlings would have died in the water more often than not.

If a CCCat loses a limb, most of the time they will grow the limb back over time. However if a CCCat purposefully does not want the limb to regenerate, they can choose not to focus energy to the limb and not regrow it. In this case, some CCCats may get non-electronic prosthetics that go over the wound. A CCCat can also scar, though it is not as common as it may be in a CCCat that partakes in Cannibalism, since they have an intense regenerative ability.

A CCCat can choose to keep certain scars, but usually major impact injuries remain scars because they would naturally become scars anyway, and because the CCCat forgoes healing a larger injury quickly/in the moment. If it heals naturally it will scar, but minor injuries like bruises or little paper cuts or in the case of minor pinpoint scars like tattoos it’d probably be considered a small injury that naturally heals, and even if healed naturally it’d heal completely over time due to it not leaving scar tissue via natural healing. Generally they can choose to accelerate healing in the moment or let it heal naturally over time, and if its a major injury like the loss of an arm they’d have to apply immediate magic to heal it in that moment to regenerate it and keep at it pretty constantly to heal it as it regenerated, and if they didn’t it’d probably remain lost. It’d take a lot of effort and magic to even try to regenerate it if it isn’t healed and the regenerative process isn’t started then and there.

A CCCat can also survive off of the planet of Eeridi and in places like space however only anatomically. Magically, they’d have greater struggle casting until the area they are located in is imprinted with more magic.

CCCats can tolerate heat just fine, and can even handle abnormally extreme heats or colds. Pain tolerance differs from CCCat to CCCat much like how it does for people.

CCCats can not be infected by regular nor magical parasites. Their bodies have a tendency to break down whatever enters past their skin into a pure magical state. Though their stomachs/pouches do a better job at this, their bodies will reject (via spitting it back out) or break something down if it goes into them. They equally have no brain beyond their eye, so if something were to attempt parasitic control over them via brain function it wouldn’t really work. Sickness is unusual for CCCats and wouldn’t show any external signs of illness. They have sensitivities to certain things, usually magics, and have reactions much like a Human would with allergies. The things they can be allergic to will usually be because of the magic they contain, or turn into.

CCCats can also indulge in things like cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs - though, they wouldn’t receive any negative side effect nor addiction. Any organ that a CCCat has that may be damaged from one of these substances are healed. The matter of addiction is mainly because they do not have the same system as Humans, and therefore, addiction isn’t an issue that CCCats can have. They can also get tattoos, however they fade extremely fast because CCCat’s healing reverts them back to true form rather than just healing the wound itself. CCCats can also get piercings, however they are usually rather small. Large ones could hinder movement or how they hold their eye, which is uncomfortable for them, even if it’s not a pain issue. If a piercing is inserted, they wouldn’t heal over the piercing, but if a piece is out too long it def would heal over.

If a CCCat is known to be murderous, they’ll usually be cast out or killed since CCCats don’t have their own personal species law system in place, (though depending on the location they occupy law may come into place), but usually Cannibals, constant-killers, or other types of CCCats that kill their own kind get attacked by their own kind.

CCCat’s can not swap eyes, as they will suffer pain if they consume another eye from another CCCat as the eyes put out a unique magic to that individual CCCat and for another CCCat to hold it either too long or consume it would mean they would be mixing magic with their own kind and would harm them. Their eyes cannot be replaced, as it is unique to them and is what they truly are. The host is just a body made with their magic to help that connection flow.

Though CCCats are not the best swimmers, or fans of swimming, they do survive a bit better under water pressure. While they succumb to it like any other creature, it is not in a potentially lethal manner unless it causes motor function to be lost (or somehow destroyed a crown) in deep water and thus cause them to sink. They don’t need to breathe but they can’t exactly withstand natural forces like that - hence another reason to avoid water.

Lifestyles & Communication

The lifestyle of a CCCat varies extremely from one to the next - and there is no ‘set’ lifestyle that a CCCat has to live. The decision of where and how they live is entirely up to them to choose. Where some CCCats prefer to live in the wild or away from civilization, some may want to live within the cities of humans or sometimes even in a Humans home. CCCats can even live outside of Skire (Landmass), though there are not many that occupy these lands, as they are without much magical power.

CCCats are parasites that fit into their surroundings individually - the world has changed because of them, but nothing like specific ‘tests’ for them have been made. They are more likely to adapt into the culture nearest to them - basic info may be known but not understood, and thus they still do need to learn it. CCCats have merged their way into other populations rather than creating their own. There are CCCat-specific collections or areas that only have CCCat residents, but even then they collect from around them and utilize those things. Most only-CCCat-filled groups tend to be rather feral.

It’s not uncommon for a CCCat to live or even have a close relationship with a Human, despite their pasts. There have been some where they lived as a sort of intelligent house ‘pet’ or possible servant, where some others have formed bonds closer than friendship to become partners.

CCCats have Human intelligence and humanized forms - their feral form is just a form that is considered their default when drawn, but any individual CCCat could choose that they would prefer a different “default” form like anthro or humanoid. A ‘pet’ role can be a bit awkward and uncomfortable in concept when you remember they have such forms. Equally, no creature on Skire (Landmass) is allowed to ever claim ownership over another humanly intelligent being. These kinds of relationship dynamics can’t happen without the CCCat mutually agreeing to want that dynamic - but even then, it is better described as a household allowing a CCCat to live with them and are taken care of as a household member rather than treated as a ‘pet’.

A CCCat that chooses to live in a Human city can have various experiences. A lot of the time, people who live in the cities are very skeptical and judgemental about them, but there are plenty of people who don’t pay any mind to their status and go about things as if they were anywhere else. CCCats are just as advanced as humans and can choose to be very human-like in behavior or mannerisms or even syntax, but often choose to differ themselves so they have a sense of individuality knowing they originate from humans. They can go everywhere and do everything as a human would.

A lot of Humans are more calm about CCCats living with them in the cities then they previously were. There are certainly Humans in the cities that do not like them there however, and aren’t afraid to voice or act upon it rudely. But Humans and other magical creatures have this division between them that is very bad and can deny service or sanction to the other in their locations. Some Humans leave the cities to learn new magics and such, so not all magical creatures feel great about Humans after the war. But for the most part, the understanding of everyone has spread enough to allow peace between Humans and other species, including CCCats. Jobs and education found in majorly Human cities is very well possible and many do, but there is the possibility to be met with words of disagreement about such being right by outsiders or others.

Luckily when it comes to a CCCats lifestyle, they have very little to worry about in terms of any possible natural predators. They are only preyed upon by species who hold a grudge against them for seemingly causing the war - otherwise, they have a Human level of intelligence and are a type of apex depending on where they are. There is no ‘food chain’ for CCCats, as they cross every type of terrain in Skire (Landmass) and exist in a lot of different areas with different behaviors and morals per CCCat.

CCCats are known for being rather good mimicry species, and can speak normally as well as learn other languages and tones. Though they have two main languages: human, and one of their own, called Caster Speak.

Spoken forms of titling for species known would be how CCCats refer to others of their own kind with proper individuality. Sometimes it can be seen as more polite to actually call someone “you” than it is to call them their name, since to CCCats names are extremely important. Names are a part of something they pick, but they can be given names by anyone (nicknames) and nothing is as kind as being recognized as an individual - something they all actively worked hard to obtain. CCCats prefer you use their name once, switch quickly to utilizing the word for “you” - there's unique words for them in their writing that allow them to be much more proper in sort of a title aspect that basically say “Unique Life” or “One's Own Story”, similarly to Skire (Entity) vs Skire (Landmass). Placement of this symbol should go above their name, similarly to how Mr/Ms/Mx would go in front of a name for us. This symbol is neutral and naturally ungendered.

CCCats do technically have vocal cords, and are pretty high up in their neck and function relatively the same as Human vocal cords. The only difference is that they can manipulate willingly, and thus how they can often change their voices. They can also purr, but it is more of a vibrate-gurgle than a cat’s purr.

They also speak through telepathy to one another, much like they would through the Hivemind. This way of communication can only be done from CCCat to CCCat since it majorly ‘connects’ the frequency through the crowns. When a ‘call’ is made to another CCCat it can be ignored or their thoughts/communications ‘blocked’, but there are no full ways to ‘block’ a call.


CCCats, although being a parasitic species, still do have romantic and platonic relationships with other CCCats and other species. They don’t naturally have blood relatives, but much like relationships they have adapted into desiring such sometimes and some have been known to take on certain roles or such with the titles.

There are some ways that CCCats show “romantic” feelings, though it really differs from CCCat to CCCat. The main thing that is different from a Human relationship is that CCCats will use their tongues more often to touch or hold their partner(s) with either their partner’s hands or tongue or other little piece - like grabbing hold of their ear and holding on. This can be seen as a more intimate version of holding hands. Though most often, they just like to be near one another because of how the Hives/crown connection works and it allows them to share their thoughts and even literal feelings with one another if they allow and trust the other enough. It gives them a sense of security and shared company. Though this isn’t how every CCCat shows their interest, and isn’t always taken as romantic either.

Humans used to severely distrust CCCats because of the original war that took place, but when The Truce was formed after the war, Humans began to trust CCCats a little more as their search for hosts turned away from Humans. They are trusted more now because they have been able to follow the peace.

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